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Customers need to find your products before they can buy them

Maintaining and optimizing your product listings regularly is vital to your Amazon business. With Sellics’ Amazon SEO tool, you can achieve your maximum SEO results in a few simple steps.

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Listing Optimization

Optimize your listing to increase conversion rates by comparing your listing with top ranking competitors.

Keyword Research

Find all relevant keywords in seconds by searching our database with 180+ million Amazon Keywords.

Content Monitoring

Ensure that your optimized content does not get changed and remains live on Amazon

Ranking Tracking

Monitor the rankings of your products for all relevant keywords to measure success of your optimization


How can you get your products to rank higher on Amazon search results?

You can improve your Amazon ranking as well as increase traffic and sales by simply optimizing your product listing

Review your listings

Immediately see which product listings need improvement. Get recommendations for changing your product title, bullet points, description and Seller Central backend search terms.

Competitor Insights

Compare your listings against competitors. Learn to outrank your competition by monitoring the most successful Amazon merchants.

1-Click keyword optimization

Automatically create an optimal set of backend keywords with just one click to achieve better organic visibility.

Intuitive listing optimization

The Sellics listing optimizer assists you in creating top-ranking product listings in an intuitive optimization workflow.

Ranking tracker

Track your keyword rankings and accurately measure the success of your optimization efforts.

“We gained a 360 perspective when it comes to content optimization on Amazon, and are able to track changes, and have the complete overview of our product listings.”

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With over 200 million daily product searches on Amazon, how can you ensure your products stay on top?


Identifying all relevant keywords in a dynamic environment is key to maximize visibility for your products.

Amazon Keyword Database

Our sophisticated database reacts dynamically to daily changes and offers over 180 million Amazon keywords to ensure your listings are visible to potential customers.

  • Receive the latest data from results that recalculate daily
  • Get precise results; our AI models provide an accuracy of 89%-93% of the verified data

Amazon Search Volume

Prioritize your keywords based on our search volume estimates. Incorporate the high volume keywords that make sense for your products to maximize impressions and watch your sales skyrocket!

  • Identify the latest and most accurate search volume trends with our daily updated database
  • Get reliable insights for all major marketplaces including,,, and

Reverse ASIN search

Analyze your most successful competitors’ keyword & listing strategy to quickly find relevant keywords

  • No more trial and error. Immediately get the right keywords that are already working for similar products.
  • Discover keywords you may have missed by identifying organic and advertising keywords used successfully by your competitors.

81percent chart

81% of clicks are on brands on the first page of search results.

Search Engine Journal, 2018



Stay in control of your listings

Use the Sellics Amazon SEO tool to stay on top of all your Amazon listings. Track changes to your product content and receive automatic notifications whenever third parties, including Amazon, make unauthorized changes to your products

keywords rankings



Monitor, track and prioritize your most relevant keywords in one dashboard

With our Keyword Rankings tool, you can see the history of your keyword performance over time – compared to your competitors. Track the success of your listing optimization and A/B testing efforts and react quickly to any new developments.

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Discover new keywords for free, using Sonar by Sellics


sonar by sellics

Sonar by Sellics is a free keyword research tool designed explicitly for Amazon listings. Sonar contains a database of millions of real Amazon search queries. Type in anything to find a list of keywords for you to use, including matching keywords, competitor’s keywords, and more, and download and use them for your Amazon SEO.

Sonar displays the Amazon search volume for each of the keywords and can be used to research keywords for each European Amazon marketplace (DE, UK, FR, IT, ES) and for (US).

Try Sonar Free
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