Sellics Weekly Webinar: Introduction to Our Powerful All-in-One Tool for Amazon Sellers

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Join us for a quick 30min intro to our tool where you’ll learn how to optimize your Amazon PPC campaigns in Sellics, track your daily profit margins, spy on your competitor’s sales & profit, and more!

We’ll show you how to:

  • Improve the performance of your PPC campaigns (Sellics users no longer need to use Seller Central to manage their Sponsored Product campaigns.)
  • Track your live profit margins; we calculate each item’s profit margin after your expenses (import taxes, Amazon fees, FBA fees, etc) are taken out
  • Spy on your competitors daily sales & profit
  • Monitor the performance of your keyword rankings
  • See what keywords your competitors are ranking for
  • Optimize your product listings using Sonar
  • Product research: learn to filter products by # of reviews, seller type, sales rank, daily sales quantity, and more
The profit dashboard in Sellics gives you a clean overview of your costs and profits. It’s just one of several features to help you manage your Amazon business!