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Customer Feedback

Determine your review volume, review quality and the number of questions each of your products receives to monitor buyer satisfaction and improve your customer service.

BuyBox Monitoring

Monitor your BuyBox share, keep an eye on your inventory levels, and track resellers and their price points to remain in control of your brand.


Shed light on your campaign performance, determine how successfully you are hitting your marketing KPIs and take advantage of the automation possibilities for optimization.

Content & SEO

Track your keyword ranking and evaluate your listing quality over time to reach the top of the search list and stay there.

Prior to Sellics there was no quick and easy way to compare the metrics that help us understand account health and enable the frequent optimizations necessary to maximize clicks, conversions, and ACoS.
Char Baures, Director of Search Marketing

Without Sellics we would be missing crucial information and we would need significantly more time to successfully manage our most important products.
Anita Sander, Key Account Manager

It is very difficult to keep track of lost Buy Boxes and the other sellers offering our products. But with Sellics we were able to quickly respond to Lost Buy Boxes and take immediate action. The time savings were massive, since we no longer have to manually research and manage the process.
Gina Trapp, Marketing Assistant
Rollei GmbH & Co.KG

Before Sellics we couldn’t do review management at all. It was too time consuming and we couldn’t hire an additional member of staff to collect the data manually. Now we are able to effectively communicate with our customers. For us, it was a matter of ‘From zero to Sellics.
Axel Müller, International Key Account Manager
Sigel GmbH

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