Tailored software for your business needs on Amazon

Sellics offers a full suite of tools for your marketing, sales, and ecommerce needs on Amazon. Whether you are looking for to solve specific challenges on Amazon or looking for an All-in-One solution for your team, we’ve got you covered.

VP eCommerce Marketing Sales

eCommerce Executive

(for your whole team)

Get the insights your team needs to accelerate your Amazon growth. An All-in-One solution giving you a 360 view of your Amazon business — understand exactly where your revenue potential is and take immediate action in Sellics.

  • Control your brand sentiment on Amazon. Get notified of new reviews and streamline your feedback management workflow to deliver quality customer service.
  • Maximize your Amazon Advertising success with our complete PPC automation and day parting software.
  • Increase sales by improving your organic rankings on Amazon. Get keyword recommendations and easily identify optimization potential across your entire product range.
  • Track sellers selling your products on Amazon, and find out who you are losing the Buy Box to and why.
  • Analyze your organic & paid revenue growth on Amazon — your Amazon Advertising and ARA data is pulled into one dashboard so you can see exactly how your advertising efforts impact your total revenue.

Marketing Manager

Understand your true revenue growth on Amazon & directly compare your organic & paid sales performance. Save time and maximize your Amazon Advertising profitability with our complete PPC automation & day parting software.

  • Monitor your organic search rankings and compare against your competitor’s rankings. Know exactly when to boost advertising spend for products that have slipped in rankings.
  • Maximize your Amazon Advertising ROI with our complete PPC automation and day parting software.
  • Intuitive content optimization workflow — Get keyword recommendations, optimize your listings in bulk, and monitor all unauthorized changes made to your listing content, whether initiated by Amazon or 3P sellers.
  • Monitor your competitors and track their listing content, keyword rankings, Buy Box, and customer reviews. Use these insights to optimize your advertising strategy.

Sales / Key Account Manager

Accelerate your sales growth on Amazon & monitor 3P sellers — identify sellers undercutting your price, get notified when your product loses the Buy Box, and more.

  • Monitor all 3P sellers and identify sellers undercutting your price. Get notified when your product loses the Buy Box, and understand why.
  • No more manual ARA reports: Your sales and inventory data is visualized for you, making it much easier to track and review your sales performance on Amazon.
  • Compare your sell-in and sell-out data, and understand your true revenue growth by comparing organic to paid sales.
  • Monitor your product search rankings against competitors to identify which products/competitors are taking sales away from you.

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