Vendor Edition FAQ

Seller Edition vs Vendor Edition
What is the difference between seller and vendor? Do I need the Sellics Seller Edition (SE) or Vendor Edition (VE)?

At Sellics, we offer two separate Amazon software platforms for sellers and vendors. Amazon sellers with a Seller Central account can use our Seller Edition software. Amazon vendors with a Vendor Central account can use our Vendor Edition software. If you’re uncertain of your Amazon seller/vendor profile, you can read our article for further guidance.

What's the Pricing?

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General questions about Sellics Vendor Edition
For which Amazon markets is Sellics VE available?

Currently, Sellics VE is available for 6 Amazon markets: US, UK, Spain, Germany, Italy, and France. Further markets are planned.

Can I have multiple users and is it limited?

Yes, you can add multiple users with individual user rights to your Sellics VE account. There is no user limit.

Can I set access permissions for different users?

Yes, you can customize access to modules, countries, and AMS accounts for each user.

How often is my data synchronized / updated?

Data is synchronized/updated on a daily basis.

Is there a limit to the number of products I can add?

No, there are no limits.

Is there a limit to the number of keywords I can track?

No, there are no limits.

Module: Content & SEO
Are my products in Vendor Central updated automatically?

Changes you make to your products in Sellics VE are not synchronized automatically with Vendor Central.

However, the update process is straightforward:

  1. With a single click export all changes made to your products in Sellics VE to an upload template.
  2. Upload the template in Vendor Central
  3. Done!
Does Sellics VE notify me if somebody is changing the content of my products?

Yes, Sellics VE can send you email notifications about unauthorized changes to your products.

Module: Amazon AMS
Can I extract my data into a report?

Yes, you can export your AMS data from Sellics VE.

How far back is my data synchronized?

After creating your Sellics VE account, your data is synchronized for the last 60 days. Going forward from this point Sellics VE will make your complete history of PPC data available to you.

Which ad types do you support?

Sellics VE currently supports Sponsored Products and Headline Search Ads.

What are the advantages of Sellics compared to the AMS platform?

The Sellics VE AMS Module offers a couple of advantages, e.g.

  • Bid automation
  • Easier reporting and campaign management
  • KPI and trend visualization
  • Changelog
  • Complete PPC history
  • Use of negative keywords
  • and more
Module: Customer Feedback
How does the customer feedback module differ from what is available in VC?

Sellics VE offers a complete solution for customer feedback management:

  • Tracking all product reviews and customer questions on a daily basis
  • Email notifications for product reviews and customer questions
  • Management / Ticket system for handling customer feedback
  • Follow up tracking for changes to product reviews and customer questions
  • Feedback analytics and KPIs
  • Data exports

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