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Amazon Customer Feedback Manager — Stay in Touch with Your Shoppers

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Everything vendors need to manage customer feedback

Monitor Your Customer Feedback
Manage your star ratings and control how your brand reputation develops on Amazon.

Respond to New Reviews
Get notified when you receive a negative product review and respond in real time to minimize damage.

Respond to Customer Questions
Actively engage with your customers and build a positive relationship to enhance your brand reputation.

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Get notified of new feedback

Track all your review & questions

Track all new reviews and questions of your Amazon products in one place

Get notified instantly

Get comfortable and customizable email notifications about new reviews and questions


Respond to New Feedback

Efficient Management workflow

Use the Sellics VE review management system to manage all your reviews and questions efficiently and consistently

Use the Watchlist to Follow Up

Follow Up easily with review adjustments and additional questions / comments

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All your reviews at a Glance

Overview and Analytics

Get a quick overview of feedback status and trends across all your products and dive in for thorough analytics if needed

Access and Export Review History

Get easy access to your full history of reviews and questions for use in content creation, marketing or quality and product management

Tailored to your business needs on Amazon

All Your Countries
Includes monitoring and management for
all your Amazon markets

Easy to use for teams and agencies
Customize access to modules, countries
and AMS accounts for each user and tailor
individual product groups for each
employee to work on

Data Exports
Export all information from Sellics for
further use in reportings and analytics by
you and your team

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