The COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on brands and agencies on Amazon

Helping You to Succeed Despite the COVID-19 Crisis

Here at Sellics, we want to be a trusted partner on your Amazon journey – in good as well as in bad times. Before I explain what we will do to help you navigate this crisis, I want to say that I really hope that you and your loved ones are healthy and safe!

The impact of the COVID-19 crisis on brands & agencies on Amazon is very diverse – and very dynamic, changing daily. In the upcoming weeks, we will do whatever we can so that you can succeed on Amazon, now, and in the future.

In our efforts to continuously support you during this time, below are some of the topics we are working on for you, which you can expect from us in the upcoming weeks:

  • Understanding the impact on demand: The coronavirus crisis has a very diverse impact on the eCommerce landscape. Some products skyrocket, others decline significantly. We will update you on what is going on and what you can do – you can read the new analysis here.
  • Strategies for the COVID-19 crisis: It’s now more important than ever to hear directly from experts and those who look ahead. We will organize a weekly Sellics Thursday Live discussion with industry thought-leaders and discuss strategies in the weeks to come – you can register for the latest episode here.
  • Amazon community sentiment: What do you and other Sellers think? At this point, it is critical to stay up to date about what is happening across the industry. We will conduct regular surveys – you can read the first insights here.

As always, Sellics is here to support you during these unprecedented times, and we look forward to providing you with key insights and updates as we navigate this new reality together.


Keep healthy and safe,
Franz Jordan, CEO

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