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Track Your Rankings
Monitor how your rankings develop over time and see the effects of your optimization efforts on keyword rankings and BSR.

Monitor Search Volumes
Use the search volume indicator to help you prioritize the most relevant keywords for your product.

Improve Your SEO
See which product listings need improvement. Change your product title, description and bullet points.

Find Keywords Easily
Take the guess work out what customers are searching for on Amazon.

Benchmark Competitors
Get an overview look at your competitor’s products and their prices.

Optimize Listings
Optimize your keyword rankings to ensure your customers fin you on Amazon. Fix your titles, bullet points, and descriptions.

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Only 10% of the customers look beyond page 3 on Amazon. 90% of customers will purchase exclusively on Pages 1-3 of Amazon’s search results. If your product is not visible there, you will lose the bulk of your sales.


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The more keywords you show up for, the more you will sell.

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