Your Pocket Connection to Sellics and Amazon Seller Central — Your Most Important Stats, Wherever You Go

Introducing the Profit Tracker App for Amazon Sellers. See your daily sales, costs, and net profit for all your Amazon products in real time.*

Sellics mobile app

Live updates throughout the day
Immediately see how many units of which product you’ve sold today. Your data is refreshed every 5 minutes, enabling you to keep track of every sale in real time.

See your net profit
Sellics will display the net profit for all your products. We automatically deduct all your costs (Amazon fees, taxes, Cost of Goods, shipping, and PPC costs), making it easy for you to track your actual profits on Amazon.


*Please note: Using this app requires a Sellics account.*

Fully automated & integrated with Seller Central
Connect your account to Seller Central and let Sellics do the heavy lifting for you!