Sellics Amazon PPC Strategy Whitepaper

Amazon Sponsored Products (‘PPC’) has quickly developed into a major marketing channel on Amazon.
As your Amazon business grows, you need to ask yourself how you can take advantage of the current PPC landscape to setup effective campaign optimization strategies that will help you grow your ad revenue and see long-term success on Amazon.
At Sellics we’ve written a comprehensive PPC Strategy Whitepaper to teach our sellers how to run profitable campaigns and maximize their advertising revenue on Amazon.

Franz Jordan Sellics

“On Amazon the number of new products and sellers continue to grow exponentially year-to-year. With more sellers and vendors leveraging Amazon PPC as part of their marketing strategy, it becomes more difficult (and costly) to run profitable ads, if you don’t have a defined PPC strategy in place to help guide your advertising goals on Amazon.”

– Franz Jordan, CEO of Sellics
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