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Profit Dashboard

Track your profit in real time

Fully automated calculations of your real profit on Amazon. We automatically deduct your Amazon fees, shipping (i.e. FBA), PPC fees, promos, taxes, and cost of goods. 

PPC Manager

Maximize your Amazon PPC revenue 

Save time and automate your PPC campaigns. Focus on campaign profitability and get the most out of your Amazon advertising spend.

Amazon Ranking Optimizer

Boost your keyword rankings

Get your products ranked higher on Amazon. Research high volume keywords, optimize listings, track keyword rankings, and much more.

competitor monitoring

Stay ahead of the competition

Find your top competitors and see where they outperform you. Track their daily sales volume, and monitor your competitors’ keyword rankings against your own.

Product research

Ready to expand your selection?

Filter through the top 10,000 best-selling products on Amazon with our Sellics Product Database. Filter by estimated sales, BSR, item weight, number of reviews and more, so you can quickly determine the most profitable niche product matching your criteria.


review Management

Get notified of new reviews

Get notified instantly for new reviews you receive on Amazon. Sort your reviews by their impact on your average star rating, and prioritize your response rate accordingly.

Inventory Management

Never run out of inventory again

Know exactly when you’ll run out of stock based on your recent sales velocity. Specify the lead time for each product and receive alerts for low inventory.

What our customers say about us

It's the best overall piece of software for Amazon sellers that I’ve seen so far
Michael Quinn
Maveriq Brands

I have looked everywhere and the only thing that came close to Sellics was $1,000 a month. The Profit dashboard is absolutely amazing!
Tim Angel

You guys have the most impressive product on the market. You seem to have Jungle scout, AMZ tracker, SearchStats, and every other tool I've tried all in one. And usually you guys are doing it better!
Devon Meadows
Next Level Pet

Sellics is my team's go-to Amazon software for optimizing our product listings and PPC campaigns, managing product reviews, and spying on competitors.
Michael Cullinan
Lovit Scientific

My sales increased by 25% within the first month of using Sellics!
Tim Defiebre

Sellics is a must have service for any amazon seller. The best one stop Amazon seller system I’ve used.
Oded Gross
Drone Pit Stop

Sellics is the only program we have found that can take all the data that Amazon gives you and turn it into user-friendly actionable insights.
Tyler Wagley
Legit Camping

Sellics is like having multiple Amazon tools I've tried all in one. It takes less time and money to only check one tool that has it all
Alex Tiutchev

Sellics is hands down the most comprehensive product available. Finally a real all-in-on tool.
Dale Thomas
Puppy Addict

We have been successfully using Sellics to keep an eye on competitors for many years now!
Annina Wehling

Selling on Amazon without Sellics makes no sense because you cannot identify and make use of various potentials. The costs for Sellics have quickly become irrelevant and I finally have more time to take care of strategic things.
Christoph Schaller

The overview Sellics give me for my products really is simply the best.
Most of all I love the PPC Manager with its automated bid changes as well as the keyword overview!
Daniela Schott
Coco Travel
The all-in-one tool

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