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What is Ali Inspector?

Ali Inspector is a Product Research tool for Amazon sellers, focusing on keywords, product performance and profitability.

Is Sellics an Ali Inspector Alternative?

Indeed we are. We understand that Product Research is the first essential step towards success on Amazon. So our all-in-one toolbox includes a tool that let’s you find profitable opportunities in minutes.

But we’re playing the end game. Finding profitable products is one thing, selling them another. That’s why we include a total of seven tools in our solution, including a PPC tool, a Competitor Tracking tool, a Review Management and Inventory tool, Amazon SEO tool and a Profit Dashboard.

That’s what makes us such a great alternative to Ali Inspector. More tools at no additional costs. Stop tinkering around with one aspect of business and start maximizing your Amazon success.

Free up your time and start investing in products that sell

Manually finding products is a frustrating and time-consuming endeavour. And it will take up a big chunk of your valuable time. Time that could be free to invest into expanding other areas of your business.

And that’s exactly what our product research tool can do for you. Free up your time, and take the guesswork out of your decisions. So you can easily identify the golden nuggets on Amazon AND spend more time doing things that will grow your business.

Growing how? With the help of our all-in-one solution. Because we don’t stop at Product Research. With Sellics by your side, you have a tool to help you optimize and maximize every aspect of your business: SEO, Review management, Competitor Tracking….and many more.

A whole toolbox integrated into one easy-to-manage suite with all the features you need.

Generate product ideas, find the most profitable niches and stop investing in slow selling products

Product detector

Generate top selling product ideas in seconds

Stop wasting time randomly browsing through the best seller lists on Amazon. Get access to the Sellics product database that includes the top 10.000 Amazon best sellers of each product category. Use filters like estimated sales, sales rank, weight, number of reviews and a lot more to quickly find thousands of profitable products matching your winning criteria.

Niche analyzer

Find out how much money you can make in any niche with one click

Easily analyze sales volume and competitiveness of your target niche. Our niche analyzer will tell you how much sales is generated in a niche and how difficult it will be for you to achieve a top ranking with the most important keywords.


Reduce the risk of investing into slow selling products and losing money

Is your product really going to sell well? Don’t rely on estimates when you invest thousands of dollars of your hard earned money. Track the actual sales volume of your target product with our product spy. Avoid to invest in shelf warmer and getting stuck with expensive unsold inventory.

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