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Are you prepared for a Q4 like no other?

This year has been one for the books! COVID-19 has reshaped our world and accelerated the growth and adoption of e-commerce faster than any of us could have ever imagined.


The fourth quarter and the holiday season is usually a busy time in a normal year, but in 2020 this takes on a whole new meaning. Now, with the e-commerce boom, plus the major Amazon deal days – including Prime Day – all poised to happen in one quarter, this is certainly going to be The Q4 of the Century!

The countdown has begun. Make sure you’re ready!

Prime Day


Black Friday


Cyber Monday




Sellics is with you on the Q4 Journey

The most important deal days and holidays for Amazon businesses are fast approaching. We are here to help and guide your way to success, by providing you with the key strategies, reports, and insights that you’ve come to know and expect from Sellics.


Throughout the upcoming weeks, we will be covering a range of topics, including deep dive strategies for maximizing Amazon Advertising performance across ad formats, and providing you with reports and in-depth studies to help you benchmark and optimize your own performance.

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“This quarter stands to be the biggest chance for real growth for any Amazon advertiser out there!”

— Franz Jordan, Sellics SEO


Sellics has created a suite of tools to help you achieve maximum success

We’ve been busy at work gearing up for the Q4 of the Century. That means making sure you have the right tools and products you need to make this your most successful Q4 ever.


  • Grade your performance
  • Benchmark your performance
  • Optimize your performance
  • Ongoing performance and profit monitoring


Throughout the upcoming weeks, check back in to find the latest additions to the suite of tools and products created especially for your success.

Benchmark your Amazon account

Benchmark your Amazon Advertising account

Find out now! Benchmark your Amazon Advertising performance against your specific product category and marketplace.

Sellics PPC Advertising Grader

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Download the Profit App

Sellics Profit Mobile App

On the go monitoring of your entire Amazon business in the palm of your hand
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Sellics Profit Dashboard

Focus on the impact of your Amazon Advertising and Organic activities on your business’ bottom line

Track your “True Profit” on Amazon in real-time

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