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MerchantWords vs. KeywordInspector vs. Sonar: Amazon Keyword Tool Comparison

When it comes to Amazon keyword research, it’s important to understand that customers have different search habits on Amazon compared to Google. Shoppers are more likely to type ‘product-centric’ search queries into Amazon, and keyword research tools that rely on Google search data are unlikely to provide accurate results.


Amazon Keyword Research: Free vs. Paid Tool Comparison

Sonar is a free Amazon keyword tool developed by our company Sellics. Sonar’s keyword database (109 million currently for US) has been built on Amazon data only, with keywords pulled directly from the search terms used by real customers on Amazon. Sonar offers a free Reverse ASIN tool, and importantly you also have the ability to sort your keywords by Amazon search volume on Sonar. International sellers can also take advantage of the Sonar Keyword Translator to research foreign keywords for multiple Amazon marketplaces.

Merchant Words is the first to market keyword research tool for sellers on Amazon. The biggest drawback is that they don’t offer a Reverse ASIN search, and the search terms collected by Merchant Words is amassed from sites including Amazon,, and Walmart. Their search volume data is also pulled from several data sources, including information from major search engines (e.g. Google), according to their website.

Keyword Inspector offers a paid Reverse ASIN tool which displays the keywords any ASIN is ranking for, and they offer different Reverse ASIN report sets for download. The biggest drawback is their pricing model (you have to purchase credits for each Reverse ASIN search/report) and a poor UI design, which makes it difficult to navigate their tool and website.


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