Major Update: PPC Bid Automation now available in Sellics

For sellers running Amazon ads, optimizing keyword bids is one of the most important yet time-consuming activities when it comes to PPC management. Bid optimization has a direct effect on the success of your PPC campaigns. If you don’t monitor your keywords on a regular basis, your ACoS will creep up, and you risk losing sales to competitors outbidding you for the top advertising space on Amazon.

We’re excited to announce you can now automate PPC bid management in Sellics:

Our new PPC Automation feature will allow you to create custom rule sets that (1) automatically change your keyword bids based on the keyword’s performance, and (2) allow you to automatically pause unprofitable keywords in your Manual Campaign, and set unprofitable search terms to Negative in your Automatic Campaign.

Key features:

  • Automated keyword bid changes based on your pre-defined criteria.
  • Automatically pause keywords in your Manual Campaign.
  • Automatically set search terms to Negative in your Automatic Campaign.

How our PPC bid automation feature works

In Sellics you can setup individual “if/then” rules which will automatically trigger an action for any of the keywords running in your Ad Group if your condition has been met.

For example, if you want to create a rule that will:

  • Rule: Set unprofitable search terms to Negative in Auto Campaign.
  • Condition: If a search term has generated 0 sales after X clicks, automatically set the search term to Negative.

Importantly, you can also create Rule Sets (several rules combined), and apply the Rule Set to your ad group. This is very useful for sellers, because creating a Rule Set for your ad group will allow you to cover your bidding strategy for your profitable keywords, unprofitable keywords, and irrelevant keywords.

Therefore, it generally makes sense to combine 3 (or more) individual rules in a Rule Set, and apply it to your ad group. See below for an example Rule Set you can apply to your ad group:

Amazon PPC automation

You can also use the same Rule Set for different ad groups. For example, if you have created a new Rule Set that has been very successful for your ad group, you can easily apply this Rule Set to your other ad groups.

Register for our live PPC Automation webinar next Tuesday:

On Tuesday, November 14th at 1 pm EST/ 10 am PST, our CEO Franz Jordan will present our PPC Automation feature for the first time. Franz will give a live demo of how to use our new feature, and walk users through example Rule Sets you can create in Sellics to automate your bidding strategy.  We will also provide a recording of the webinar after the presentation for those that cannot attend.

For new users, make sure to sign up for a free Sellics trial, so you can also play around with our new PPC Automation feature during our webinar, and ask Franz any questions about the tool you may have!

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