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Sponsored Products (Beginner)

Everything you need to start and optimize your first Sponsored Products campaign.

Sponsored Products ads are designed to promote individual listings and target shoppers looking for products similar to yours. They appear within search results and on product detail pages.

Because they are easy to create and highly effective, Sponsored Products ads are often the first ad type that brands use to start driving their sales on Amazon.

Contents Summary

What Are Amazon Sponsored Products ads? How Do They Work?
Amazon Sponsored Ads Management: Basic Things to Know Before You Start
– Sponsored Products: terminology
– Sponsored Products: key metrics
– Amazon Sponsored Products benchmarks (for top categories: Electronics, Health & Household, Clothing)
– How to set goals for your Amazon Sponsored Ads campaign
– How does targeting for Amazon Sponsored Products ads work?
Amazon Sponsored Products Strategy for Beginners
– Before you start…
– Sponsored Ads start-up strategy
– Creating your Sponsored Products campaign
– Amazon Sponsored Products: routine optimization
Key Takeaways

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