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Sponsored Products (Advanced)

For experienced users, a guide to fine tuning your Sponsored Products campaigns.

Sponsored Products ads are designed to promote individual listings and target shoppers looking for products similar to yours. They appear within search results and on product detail pages.

This advanced guide will help you structure, set up, and optimize high-performing Sponsored Products ad campaigns.

Contents Summary

Part A: Introduction to Amazon Sponsored Products
– Glossary of terms
– Automatic vs manual PPC campaigns
– How to group products
– Keyword research
Part B: Amazon Sponsored Products – Advanced Amazon PPC Strategy
– Step 1: establish an Amazon PPC goal
– Step 2: defining the strategy and Amazon PPC campaign structure
– Step 3: Amazon PPC campaign setup
– Step 4: Amazon PPC campaign optimization
– Step 5: benchmark your Amazon PPC performance
Level-up: expert Amazon PPC strategies
Conclusion and key takeaways

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