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Sponsored Display

A display ads deep-dive, including the new views remarketing targeting option and category refinements.

Amazon Sponsored Display ads allow brands to reach shoppers with advanced product and category targeting options, some of which serve ads both on and off Amazon.

Top Amazon sellers use this unique ad type to tap into new audiences and reach potential customers that are shopping for your product or similar products.

Contents Summary

What Are Amazon Sponsored Display Ads?
Amazon Sponsored Display Ads: Targeting Options
Amazon Sponsored Display Strategy
– The Sponsored Display strategic blueprint for beginners
How to Set Up Your Amazon Sponsored Display Campaigns
– Settings
– Ad groups and targeting
– Products to advertise
– Default bids
– Ad targets and ad target bids
– Ad creative
Amazon Sponsored Display Best Practices and Optimization
– Bid optimization
– Target harvesting and disposal
– Advertised products
– Category refinements
– Negative targeting
Combining Amazon Sponsored Display with other ad types
Final Thoughts

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