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Sponsored Brands

A comprehensive look at Sponsored Brands ads, strategy, and optimization.

Sponsored Brands ads appear in Amazon search results and feature your brand logo, a custom headline, and multiple products. They also have unique formats, like store spotlight and Sponsored Brands video.

Sponsored Brands ads will help shoppers find your product, and they will help to increase visibility and build brand awareness.

Contents Summary

Amazon Sponsored Brands Formats
– Product Collection Sponsored Brands
– Store Spotlight Amazon Sponsored Brands
– Sponsored Brands Video
What’s the difference between Sponsored Products and Sponsored Brands on Amazon?
How do I choose product groupings for Amazon Sponsored Brands?
How much should I spend on Sponsored Brands?
PPC Strategy: Use Sponsored Brands to Drive Sales and Increase Profit on Amazon
– Step 1: harvest top-performing keywords from your Sponsored Products campaigns
– Step 2: setting up your first Amazon Sponsored Brands campaign
– Step 3 – level up: advanced Amazon Sponsored Brands structure and setup
– Step 4: optimize your Amazon Sponsored Brands
– Step 5: benchmark your progress on Amazon
What’s next: tips and advanced techniques for Sponsored Brands
Amazon Sponsored Brands: conclusion and key takeaways

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