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Amazon PPC: The Ultimate Guide

An introduction to Amazon's PPC advertising platform and the three different ad types.

Amazon PPC ads enable sellers and vendors to “buy” visibility for their products on Amazon’s search results page and on product detail pages. They have become a popular and powerful marketing tool for Amazon sellers.

In this complete guide, we’ll cover how Amazon PPC ads work, what the different ad types are, and how to organize your first campaigns.

Contents Summary

What Is Amazon PPC?
The Basics of Amazon PPC (Things to Know Before You Start)
– Key performance indicators (KPIs) of Amazon PPC
– How to set goals for your Amazon PPC campaign
– Optimizing your Amazon listing before you start with Amazon PPC
– How does targeting for Amazon PPC ads work?
How to Run Amazon Ads (Getting Started With Amazon PPC)
– Amazon ad types: a quick review
– First steps with Amazon Sponsored Products
– First steps with Sponsored Brands
– First steps with Sponsored Display
Key Takeaways

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