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Free tools and resources to help you become more successful on Amazon

Amazon PPC Strategy Whitepaper 2018

At Sellics we’ve written a comprehensive PPC Strategy Whitepaper to teach our sellers how to run profitable campaigns and maximize their advertising revenue on Amazon.

Weekly Webinar

Signup for our weekly webinar to get a quick 30 minute intro to our tool and have all your questions answered.

Amazon Keyword Tool

Sonar is a free Amazon keyword research tool from Sellics. Access our database of more than 180.000.000 keywords and optimize your PPC campaigns and product listings.

SE Knowledge base

Search our extensive help section, to get your questions around the seller tool and Amazon answered.

VE Knowledge base

In our help section specifically for Amazon Vendors, we answer your questions around the Vendor tool.


Amazon is always evolving – so are we. We are constantly working on new features that will allow you to become more successful every day.