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Only 10% of customers look beyond Page 3 on Amazon

90% of customers will make their purchase exclusively on Pages 1-3 of Amazon's search results page. If your product is not visible here, you will lose the bulk of your sales.

Optimize keyword rankings

By actively optimizing your listings, you can improve your rankings in Amazon's search results. Optimize your keyword rankings to ensure your customers find you on Amazon.

Higher rankings = more sales

The higher your products rank on Amazon, and the more keywords they show up for, the more you will sell. Your product's organic search rankings directly affect your bottom line.

Amazon Keyword Tool

Research New Keywords

Take the guess work out of what customers are searching for on Amazon:

Amazon Keyword Research

We have over 180.000.000 Amazon keywords in our global database. Use our Reverse ASIN Search to see the keywords your competitors are ranking for, and  use our Extended Search to find all possible keyword combinations. Focus on ranking for more relevant keywords and watch your sales skyrocket.

Amazon Keyword Search Volume

Use our search volume indicator to help you prioritize the most relevant keywords for your product.

Product Optimizer

Optimize Your Product Listings

Immediately see which product listings need improvement. Get recommendations for changing your product title, description, and bullet points.

Competitor Benchmarking

Compare your listings against your competitors. Immediately pinpoint differences and learn to outrank your competition by monitoring the most successful merchants. 

Keyword Rank Tracking

Track Your Keyword Rankings

Amazon Keyword Ranking Tracker

Track the rankings of all relevant keywords. Monitor how your rankings develop over time and see the effects of your optimization efforts on keyword rankings and BSR.

Ranking Index

The ranking index tracks the performance of all your keywords, visualized in a simple to read chart. 

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