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Real-time sales, costs & profit tracking for all your products

Our Profit Dashboard shows your exact profit margins after all your costs are deducted (Amazon fees, PPC spend, promos, item cost, etc.) It is seamlessly integrated with Seller Central and your profit data is displayed in real time.

Amazon Profit Dashboard
Amazon Profit Calculator

Tracking profit is now as easy as tracking sales

Easy Setup and Fully Automated

Simply click to connect your Seller Central account in your Profit Dashboard. Sellics will automatically calculate all your Amazon costs for you, and you can also input cost of goods for more precise results.


Live Updates Throughout the Day

Your Profit Dashboard is updated every five minutes,  enabling you to accurately track your sales and profit for individual products throughout the day.

Track Profits
Dive deeper into your profit margins

Understand What Drives Your Profit

Your Profit Dashboard instantly visualizes the profitability of each SKU.  We break down each cost metric, allowing you to see which area is disproportionately eating into your profit margins, enabling you to make critical decisions immediately.

Breakdown of Sales v.s. Costs

See the split between your organic sales and sales generated through Sponsored Products (‘PPC’) ads. Know exactly what is driving your costs.

Profit calculation by SKUs

Not all SKUs are equally profitable. Some products might actually lose you money if you factor in all your Amazon costs. Treat each product individually. 

Full Performance Transparency

Measure Impressions & Conversion Rates for All Your Products

Knowing your page sessions and conversion rates is critical to understanding any change in sales performance on Amazon. Sellics is the only tool that provides this valuable information – on an aggregated level as well as for individual SKU/ASINs.


Page sessions indicate visibility

Page sessions are the best way to measure the overall visibility of a product – and visibility is the first step to sales.

Conversion RateConversion Rate

The conversion rate is one of the most important metrics for the ranking and performance of a product. Ongoing optimization is critical here.

Easy A/B testing

See how changes in pricing or copywriting will impact your sales. Use Sellics to A/B test the right pricing strategy and wording that will help you maximize your profits.


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