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Amazon Competitor Analysis Tool
Price Tracking

Understand every move your competitors make

Monitor other sellers’ prices

Overview of your competitors’ products and their prices.

Track price trends

Monitor the price changes of all of your products. See at a glance, how the highest and lowest prices develop.

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Which seller wins the buy box?

If you are selling products on Amazon, your goal is to win the Buybox – after all, the seller that wins the Buybox, makes the most sales. Quickly see for which of your products you don’t own the Buybox!


Track your competitors' exact sales

Discover your competitors’ top sellers with just a few clicks. Use the spy to determine the real sales volume for any ASIN on Amazon.

sales tracking sales tracking
Hijackers Alert Hijackers Alert

Hijacker Alert: Don’t let competitors steal your revenue

Get notified immediately via email

Hijackers are merchants that unrightfully “attach” to your products. Oftentimes they are cheaper than you and are therefore preferred by customers. This way you are losing revenue, that belongs to you. Sellics will send you an alert immediately when a seller hijacks any of your product, so you can have them removed before losing any revenue.

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