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Case Study Out of Stock or Increase Prices on Amazon

Going Out of Stock vs. Increasing Prices: What To Do When Running Low On Inventory on Amazon [Case Study]

There are always rumours going around among Amazon sellers that after a product goes out of stock, its rankings for the most important keywords drop and the product ranks considerably lower than before it went out of stock. This is why many sellers would rather raise prices to hold onto what’s left of inventory and not go out of stock. But is that really better for rankings? We put both scenarios (raising prices, then going out of stock) to the test in this real-life Amazon case study to find out how the two actually affect rankings on Amazon.

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Will Repeating Keywords Improve Amazon Rankings Case Study

Will Repeating Keywords Improve Your Rankings? [Case Study]

We do a lot of experiments to test assumptions and build new knowledge about how the Amazon ranking algorithm works. For each experiment, we create new products that are all exactly similar except for the one characteristic we want to test. We then analyze the search results to see if the difference in the one characteristic has an impact on ranking. With the following experiment, we wanted to find out if it helps to repeat keywords in your Amazon product listings, i.e. if a higher keyword density can improve your rankings.

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