WMF Triples Advertising Sales and Lowers ACoS by 16%

WMF was looking for an Amazon Advertising management tool that would help them automate their campaigns and achieve their target ACoS. As their sales boomed on Amazon, WMF realized they needed tools to help them scale efficiently.

  • Triple sales from Amazon Advertising campaigns
  • Decrease ACoS by 16% or more
  • Increase effectiveness of workflows and save 25% or more

Kitchenware, pots, pans, cutlery and baking utensils – WMF does them all. Known for it’s ‘Made in Germany’ quality, the company has gained international recognition and keeps pushing for market developments and innovation. WMF has seen and weathered changes in the kitchenware market for the past 165 years, including the hype of E-commerce and Amazon.


As one of the biggest and most influential sellers in the market, they had to make sure to keep up with the trend. With little more than 5000 products registered on Amazon, this doesn’t always prove easy.


“Our online sales are growing, and we need a solution that helps us keep up with the market development. Scalability was the deciding factor that brought us to Sellics.” -Thorsten Dall, Performance Marketing Manager.


Why Sellics?


  • Manage your Amazon advertising campaigns all in one place
  • Maintain and lower your ACoS
  • Save time and increase cross-team efficiency using our All-in-One platform


The Challenge


For WMF, the challenge on Amazon revolved around scale. Success on Amazon doesn’t just mean selling a lot of products. You also need to provide stellar customer service, manage orders efficiently and invest in marketing services. Whilst smaller sellers and vendors might be able to tackle these challenges manually, WMF was in need of an efficient and effective process to manage and scale all aspects of their Amazon business.


Specifically, they were looking to:


  • Automate marketing campaign management, especially when it comes to achieving target ACoS/ROI
  • Manage reviews and questions to ensure great customer service


The Solution


WMF needed a solution that does the heavy lifting for them. 


WMF came to Sellics straight away. They felt that the software offered the best solution for their challenges. This is how WMF used the Sellics Vendor modules to address their challenges:


  • Achieve target ACoS with the automated bid adjustment of the Amazon Advertising module
  • Reply to reviews and questions directly from the interface of the Review Management tool
  • Monitor unauthorized changes to product listings with the Content & SEO tool

“We had a need, and Sellics had the product.” -Thorsten Dall


The Results


The results are impressive. Within a year (comparing the four month period between July and October of 2017 versus 2018), WMF:


  • more than tripled sales from PPC campaigns
  • decreased their ACoS by more than 16%
  • saved more than 25% due to more effective workflows


WMF uses the Sellics Vendor tools extensively. Automated bid adjustment and the user-friendly interface of the Amazon Advertising tool allows them to optimize and target their PPC campaigns, without having to manually adjust formulas and bids. The review management tool was also helpful in establishing a direct line of contact with their customers to continue the promise of quality and support that their brand reputation is built on.


The main reason for choosing Sellics, however, was the agility and adaptability of the company.

“It was the most interesting tool on the market. And they are constantly developing and progressing. It’s like buying for all weathers – the supplier must be prepared to adjust and evolve with changing conditions.”  

Thorsten Dall
Performance Marketing Manager
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