With Sellics PPC Automation, Staedtler cuts ACoS in half for French market

Staedtler sells in every Amazon marketplace and needed to optimize the content for all of its product listings while increasing results from under-performing PPC campaigns. Staedtler turned to Sellics for an All-in-One vendor solution and achieved astounding results.



  • Automate PPC campaign management for better optimization and time savings
  • Optimize product content to deliver better customer service
  • Monitor and correct unauthorized content changes to maintain brand integrity

Since 1835, Staedtler’s stationery has enabled and promoted creativity and individuality across the globe. Being in the business of pens, pencils, rubbers and everything in between for more than 180 years, Staedtler has established itself as a major player in the European stationery market.


With the goal of encouraging new ideas to shape the future and unleash the creativity of every individual, the company has become a hallmark for the famous “Made in Germany” quality promise.


It is not surprising then, that you can find more than 200 Staedtler products on each Amazon marketplace. But with a brand of this magnitude and stationery products of every kind imaginable, it is no surprise that Staedtler needed help managing its Amazon portfolio.


The Challenge


Managing thousands of products on Amazon is a daunting task in itself. If this data entry and management needs to be done manually, it is nearly impossible.


As Staedtler products are currently available in all thirteen of the Amazon marketplaces, it found itself staring at the challenge of uploading, populating and optimizing these product listings, managing reviews and monitoring content.


Staedtler was also very uncertain as to when product listings were being altered without authorization. They needed to regularly monitor the correctness of their content without missing a beat, however, they simply could not get eyeballs on every single product page in every single marketplace.


On top of that, they were manually managing their PPC campaigns for their various marketplaces and answering hundreds of reviews that come in every week – both very time-consuming tasks. They found that their PPC results were less than impressive and were on the hunt for a tool that would help them lower their ACoS as well as save time on manual PPC management.


According to Staedtler, the responsibilities that came along with managing their Amazon businesses were simply too great. For this reason, they went looking for an Amazon vendor solution and found Sellics.


The Solution


Staedtler turned to Sellics because of its vendor toolbox.


They found that this powerful vendor software was best equipped to manage and solve their challenges. Staedtler used Sellics vendor modules to remedy their challenges in the following ways:


  • They used the AMS module to automate their PPC campaign management for better optimization and time savings.
  • They used the Customer Feedback module to track reviews across all their marketplaces and respond to them.
  • They used the the Content & SEO module to optimize their product content and do in-depth content analyses for all of their products in all of their marketplaces.
  • They used the Content Monitoring in the Content & SEO module to monitor the unauthorized content changes that were being made and accept or reject these changes to maintain brand integrity.

The Results


A Generous ACoS cut for the French Marketplace


Staedtler decided to use Sellics’ AMS module to automate their PPC campaign optimization for the French market. Their results over three months were astounding. While their other markets averaged about 15% in December, 23% in January and 26% in February, by contrast, their French market ACoS was only 7.4% in December, 10.6% in January and 10.3% in February.


Targeted Review Management with Filters


The Sellics Review Management tool has enabled Staedtler to track and answer all reviews in a timely manner, without missing any feedback that could potentially hurt their brand in the long run. Additionally, Staedtler is now able to manage their product reviews in all of their international markets.


“Now we can sort and compare our products by country. We can see which ones we need to focus on first which we weren’t able to do before.” -Bastian Sander


They were also better able to prioritize reviews that needed an urgent response which made their workflow more efficient and successful.


“Filtering your reviews according to star rating so that you can manage the most urgent ones first was impossible without the tool.” -Bastian Sander

Less Excel, More Optimization


Staedtler now manages the entire content optimization process for Amazon SEO in the Sellics Suite. All content for their product listings is created and uploaded via Sellics, which has been a great administrative and organizational relief for the Amazon team.


“We create the content for our product listings right in the Sellics interface instead of having to organize and manage thousands of excel files individually.” -Bastian Sander


By combining keyword analysis with content creation directly in the tool, the Content & SEO feature on Vendor Edition has helped Staedtler to enhance their top performing products to make them even more competitive. This optimization has made work processes faster.


“We just save so much time by using Sellics.” -Bastian Sander

“There just isn’t enough software for Amazon vendors. That’s why we chose Sellics – for it’s Vendor Edition. At first we just tried Seller Edition but now we also use both Seller and Vendor Edition.” -Bastian Sander

Bastian Sander
E-Commerce Manager
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