Rollei Decreases Lost Buy Box Rate on Amazon

Rollei needed a solution to track their resellers and stay in control of their brand on Amazon.

  • Decreased Lost Buy Box Rate
  • Listings Seen By More Customers
  • Review Management from 0 to 100

In the world of photography and within the circles of visual creatives, they are very well known: Rollei. The twin-lens Rolleiflex has gained cult-status since the 1920s, and nowadays has proven itself on the competitive online market. It hasn’t been easy in the photography business. The technological revolution brought about challenges for many businesses in the sector – but as an Amazon vendor, Rollei has been able to evolve and progress, and keep up with the changes.


Now they are successfully selling their high-end photography equipment on Amazon’s European marketplaces. But the online marketplace is very competitive; especially for vendors whose products are also distributed by other sellers.


So how is Rollei making sure that they are staying in control of their brand and remain profitable?


The Challenge


Staying in control of your brand requires action in all aspects of business. You need to optimize and analyze everything, from your listings to your customer service offering.


Rollei’s Core Challenges:


  • Buy Box Management
    How can we get a quick overview of our Buy Box position and track who is selling our products at what price?
  • Review Management
    How can we manage our reviews better to improve our customer service?
  • Content & SEO
    How can we optimize our listings to ensure that the right people find our products?


Solving all these challenges across the board would require hours of manual research and implementation, thereby distracting staff from more productive tasks.


“Tackling these challenges would require enormous effort, and there is no way we could manually manage all these tasks within our daily business activities.” – Gina Trapp, Marketing and Sales.


The Solution


Rollei needed a solution that would help them solve all these challenges, without having to hire additional staff members to complete the tasks manually. If not, they might have lost their competitive edge as a vendor, and thus control of their brand and profits.


And that’s how they came to Sellics.


Why Sellics?


  • Great value for money: An all-around solution that tackles multiple challenges at no extra cost
  • Great customer service: Quick responses to issues and enquiries
  • Product testing: Realize its value before making the purchase
  • Continuing support: Content webinars and Live Chats to learn more about the features
  • Agile development: Fast responses to feedback and requests for future product developments


Results: How Rollei solved their challenges with Sellics VE



  • Challenge

    Monitor their Buy Box share and the competitors who win the Buy Box and what price

  • Solution

    Rollei uses the Buy Box Feature of the Sellics Vendor Edition to see exactly who else is selling their products at what price, so that they can determine when they are losing the Buy Box and why.

  • Result

    Decreased Lost Buy Box rate:

    “Before we had Sellics, we would find out about lost Buy Box only by manually checking listings. We have over 600 products on Amazon – so it was impossible for us to track all of them, especially when it comes to evening sales when people are most active.”


  • Challenge

    Managing and replying to all incoming reviews

  • Solution

    Rollei receives daily emails from the Sellics Review Mangement tool with updates on reviews – so that they can communicate directly with customers from within the interface.

  • Result

    Improved customer satisfaction and product development:

    “Noone used to have the time to manually check all of our products for reviews. Sellics literally got us from 0 to 100 in this aspect. We actually use our reviews to improve our products. Our carry bag for glass filters, for example, used to have a snap fastener. Customers asked for zips, so the next collection dropping next month will have zips.”


  • Challenge

    Optimize product listing for more sales, better ranking, and higher visibility

  • Solution

    Rollei uses the keyword research tool of the Sellics Vendor Edition to create master files for each product and category, thereby improving listing visibility.

  • Result

    Increased listing visibility:

    “We can definitely see the difference – people find us more often, and we receive more questions and reviews.”

In Sellics, Rollei has found a solution that helps them solve multiple challenges at once, and manage their brand in an increasingly competitive market environment. As a result, the company was not only able to save a massive amount of time and manual work, but improve some of their key metrics as an Amazon vendor.

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