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How Sellics’ Software and Advertising Experts Helped Prolix Music Increase Profitability From 10% To 70% In Just Eight Weeks


Prolix Music is a musical instrument seller on Amazon that sells guitar accessories and related equipment. Mr. John Garrett, Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) at Prolix Music, was looking for a complete solution to scale advertising and, more importantly, improve their profits.


Profit Increased




Decreased ACoS

Describing the challenge in the exact words of John, CMO at Prolix Music, “Our ACoS was a nightmare.” The team at Prolix felt like they were losing almost 90% of their profits.

They knew they had a problem with their ACoS and profitability, and that is when they found Sellics’ PPC software and advertising experts.

As a first step, Prolix Music analyzed their PPC performance with the Sellics Benchmarker [Beta] to identify and isolate issues affecting their profitability and bottom line.

The Sellics Benchmarker [Beta] told them precisely what they had been overlooking—their average CPC. Prolix’s average CPC was $1.40, far higher than other competitors in their category.

As a next step, Prolix Music got on an onboarding call with a Sellics PPC expert who was able to provide a solution to fix their CPC problem.

Sellics’ PPC expert also advised them on advertising targets and how Amazon PPC and listing optimization worked. After a few weeks, Prolix Music started seeing positive early signs due to the changes they made with Sellics.

While Prolix Music was able to identify blindspots with their Amazon PPC performance early on, Sellics’ experts stepped in to help them create highly-optimized campaigns according to industry best practices.

With Sellics, Prolix Music could get extensive reporting on sales and profitability, giving them detailed insights without investing any extra time. Sellics’ software and PPC experts improved Prolix’s profit margin on Amazon from 10% to 70%—and all of this in just 8 weeks!

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Prolix Music


Baltimore, Maryland, United States


Musical Instruments

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Prolix Music is a musical instrument seller on Amazon that sells guitar accessories and related equipment.

John Garrett

"If you're not using Sellics as an Amazon Seller, you're competing with the most sophisticated and powerful sales engine available today. From automating your bid management to keyword harvesting and optimizing your campaigns—Sellics has it all"

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