Noble House Furniture Uses Sellics’s Tool for a Time Savings of 20 Hours per Week

Noble House needed an all-in-one software that could handle their Amazon Advertising growth. Sellics was able to help Noble House with stronger brand building and more effective advertising campaigns while saving time.

  • Saved at least two hours a day of manual optimization by using automation of keyword rules
  • Total sales exceeded fiscal year growth targets by 325%
  • Increased sales and therefore saw a 35% increase in reviews (without adding new ASINs)

Noble House is the furniture supplier that most American families know and love. The leather club chair that adorns your boss’s office. The neutral-tone, outdoor, dining set sitting on your neighbor’s patio. That minimalistic loveseat in your best friend’s living room you’ve been drooling over. They’re all Noble House brand or Noble House designed.


Noble House – known for its revolutionary designs and even more revolutionary, low-risk supply chain – is climbing to the top of the of the furniture market.


And when we say climbing we mean it. The business is at a major phase of progress.


As Noble House’s product development efforts allowed them to catch more actionable, industry trends. It began to look at its portfolio more holistically which led to more advertising, better sales, and a higher velocity of reviews coming in.  


However, for Noble House, managing its growth and ever-increasing inventory on Amazon meant a lot of hours spent on mind-numbing spreadsheets and manual data entry. This led Noble House to seek out a software solution that would save time and help to manage the full scope of their business, especially its increased ad spend on Amazon. 


The Challenge


For Noble House, their challenges always involved the limitation of time resources, extracting the right metrics from their Amazon advertising campaigns and deciphering how their brand building efforts impacted their sales performance.


As Noble House became more and more active with Sponsored Products and Sponsored Brands, they sought out a software solution that would help them to save time and improve reporting.


Specifically, they needed to make sense of and consolidate the multiple reports from both their Vendor or Seller Central accounts. The day-to-day operations of managing Amazon Advertising were costing them four to five hours a day, five days a week.


“I was spending a lot of time putting things together, combining sheets. So having it all-in-one like Sellics is very useful.”


Noble House came to Sellics for the powerful Sales Performance dashboard included in its Retail Analytics module, its Amazon Advertising module and its Content & SEO module.


The Solution


Noble House needed a solution that would allow them to better allocate their time resources to focus on their Sponsored Ads campaign management, product page updates, and customer review management.


“We were looking to save time and increase the efficiency we developed in Sponsored Ads. You can get every report you need from Amazon out of Sellics, which is a huge time saver. Everything is exportable. This hits all the pain points for Vendors: what did they order, what did they sell – all in one dashboard.”


Noble House saw Sellics as the obvious choice for its all-in-one toolbox offerings. They felt that the software’s capabilities offered the best solution for their challenges. Noble House used the Sellics’ integrated modules in the following ways:


All-in-one solution:


  • Used performance analytics from Sellics’s Retail Analytics module to measure campaign success. Based on these metrics, they were able to understand which content they needed to optimize and which reviews they needed to answer.
  • Highest value added: Analyzed the combined views of Sponsored Product and Sponsored Brands on Sellics’s Sales Performance dashboard to see results of organic versus paid sales.
  • Evaluated synergies and results between reviews, content, sales and advertising to increase customer service management. Responded to reviews and questions in Sellics’s Reviews and Questions module based on these results.


Noble House needed a solution that would allow them to capitalize on their advertising efforts, implement customer relationship management and get back precious time. The solution was Sellics’s advanced Sales Performance reporting, its Amazon Advertising integration(s) and its Reviews & Questions module.


The main reason for choosing Sellics, however, was the responsiveness of the company to feedback from vendors and its constant value-add updates.


“The best thing about the company as a whole is that the platform is always getting better, it’s always got new stuff. That’s the #1 thing for me. If Sellics doesn’t currently have it, they’re probably working on it.”


The Results


The results were impressive to say the least. Noble House saw the following results:


  • Saved at least two hours a day of manual optimization by using automation of keyword rules
  • Total sales exceeded fiscal year growth targets by 325%
  • Increased sales and therefore saw a 35% increase in reviews (without adding new ASINs)


Noble House uses the Sellics Vendor tools extensively and saw drastic Amazon Advertising and Amazon ad spend results. Automated bid adjustment, the ability to set keywords to negative and the integrated reports of the AMS tool allows them to optimize their Sponsored Brands and Sponsored Products campaigns.


This translated into Noble House achieving their time savings targets. They saved about 20 hours per week which they had previously spent managing their manual reports and combing through excel sheets. Additionally, they’ve been able to establish direct contact with their customers by responding to reviews and questions that need attention.

Overall, Sellics has helped to make Noble House’s Amazon management more time and cost effective.

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