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How Sellics Advertising helped to grow this Spanish business and take it international


Mr. Tronic is a family business and Alberto, Mr. Tronic’s CEO couldn’t imagine before using Sellics that they could build an international brand. With the help of Amazon, first, and then adding in the Sellics software to manage his growing advertising account, he could grow much more rapidly than expected.

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On Amazon, managing around 200 ad groups per marketplace is no easy feat – especially for one person.

Covering both advertising and sales across the Spanish, German, French and UK markets, including daily optimization of these hundreds of ad groups, fast became very labor intensive and time consuming, not to mention not being ROI efficient for time or cost.

Their biggest challenges were optimizing for time/labor intensivity, as well as to drive the highest value from their efforts in the form of financial returns.

It was clear from the scope and volume of advertising Mr. Tronic was pursuing that it would not be feasible in the long term to manually create, optimize and deliver the results needed across all ad groups.

Starting off by using Sellics bid and keyword rules-based automation, they managed to automate many operational and manual aspects of optimizing ad campaigns. Doing so resulted in incredible time savings, which then allows them to focus on developing other areas of their Amazon business.

After achieving the anticipated success of getting back their time and reducing the manual workload, they then added in the next step of automation with Sellics – Autopilot, the full AI automation solution. Utilizing Autopilot allowed them to scale their advertising campaigns, while still minimizing the hand-on time, while driving ROI efficiency.

Thanks to Autopilot, they could get much more visibility on the UK marketplace. As a market it had great potential since they had a more competitive positioning in terms of price, but weren’t competing with the right bids and the right keywords in order to target customers.

They started with Autopilot in March, and by April the results were impressive – they tripled their orders!

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Sellics' mission is to make Amazon Advertising easier and less time-consuming for you while improving your advertising performance and growing your business.

To achieve this Sellics combines an innovative software platform for advertising optimization and automation with market-leading actionable insights and competitive intelligence as well as expert PPC services - from coaching by advisors to outsourcing PPC management with full managed services.

Mr. Tronic



Madrid, Spain


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Mr. Tronic is a Madrid-based new gen electronics and computer products distributor with over 10 years of experience across western Europe. They sell via wholesale and retail, through their owned channels including a website, as well as on various marketplace platforms.

With a specialization in network cables, they have focused on a multi-channel sales and distribution strategy. In recent years they have particularly focused their efforts on the online sales channels. Alberto, Mr. Tronic’s CEO himself, manages the entire online business. His daily mission is to ensure that the business runs optimally.

Sellics has helped us see the business through new growth opportunities. Focusing on growing the business is my main task right now.

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