Kosmos Goes from 0 to 80% Response Rate for All Reviews and Customer Questions

With customer questions and ratings flowing on Amazon, Kosmos needed a powerful tool for customer relationship management on Amazon that could help them boost their star rating. With Sellics, they were able to achieve their goal of successful brand management on Amazon.


  • Handling of entire customer relationship management process in one, convenient dashboard
  • Drastic reduction of response times without adding headcount
  • Efficient organization of tracking and managing questions, reviews, refund or exchange requests and complaints

Nurturing young minds, encouraging curiosity, fostering development, making learning fun and entertaining with wholesomeness, tradition, and modernity – Kosmos is committed to knowledge and fun.


The publishing house, located in Stuttgart, is beloved in Germany and beyond for its unique and educational array of board games, science kits, toys, books and apps.


While Kosmos is a household name for many in German-speaking countries, Kosmos had to rewrite its story and focus on brand development when it decided to take the leap and become a vendor on Amazon. It needed to get a handle on its review management, customer care and brand development on Amazon.


“Before Sellics, we didn’t even do review management on Amazon. Our goal was – we need to start to do reviews with a tool. Sellics was that tool.”  –Theresa Stangen, Head of E-Commerce Team Toys


The Challenge


Kosmos faced the issue of managing their existing customer relationships while grooming new ones on a new platform – Amazon. They were learning how to make their customer management efforts more efficient. They wanted to use as few human resources as possible while, at the same time, making sure that all of their customers received responses.


They were in need of an Amazon management tool with a strong focus on customer relationship management. Additionally, they found that the Amazon platform did not have any alert measures in place. They needed a tool that would notify them instantly when there was a new customer interaction.


They were looking for help with the following challenges:


  • Respond to all customer questions and reviews in a timely manner
  • Keep track of the progress and status of all responses in one tool
  • Use only two employees to handle all of their Amazon customer relationship management


The Solution


The Chatter module in Sellics Vendor Edition allows Kosmos to track and answer customer questions and reviews instantly, in one easy-to-use dashboard.


“On Amazon, you can’t see when someone comments or posts a comment, only if you click on the review can you see. Before Sellics, we didn’t even do it. Our product manager just went into Amazon and tried to respond but it was unorganized. Now it’s organized and we especially track our bestsellers and our new products for reviews.” -Theresa Stangen, Head of E-Commerce Team Toys


Kosmos used Sellics specifically to:


  • Track all incoming reviews and questions
  • Achieve  an 80% response rate to all customer questions, reviews, comments, and requests
  • Increase their star rating by responding immediately to all two and three star reviews within Sellics’s Chatter module
  • Track the progress of all pending responses for all products with Sellics’s customizable analytics data


The Results


Kosmos achieved their review management goals with the Sellics Chatter module. the execution of their customer relationship management is now on par with that of their owned platform


  • Immediate response to all negative reviews (three stars and below)
  • One team member is able to respond to all reviews for the entire product catalogue


“Now our customers have the feeling that the company is talking to me and they’re offering a solution and Sellics makes it possible.” -Theresa Stangen, Head of E-Commerce Team Toys

Theresa Stangen
Head of E-Commerce Team Toys
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