hjh OFFICE Increases ROI by 30% with Sellics Suite

hjh OFFICE needed a solution to help them easily optimize and track performance for a large product catalog with several hundred items on Amazon.

  • Increased productivity of staff
  • Cost of additional content application saved
  • Increased visibility and ranking through Content Optimization

Day in and day out, hjh OFFICE ensures that office workers across Europe are sitting comfortably at their desks – they are a premium supplier of office chairs and furniture. They offer office solutions from budget options up to the most luxurious sitting arrangements. And over the past years, they have expanded their international reach through e-commerce as an Amazon vendor. But unfortunately, selling online is not as easy as it sounds.


The Amazon marketplace is getting increasingly competitive. Many businessmen and women have realized the high profitability of e-commerce, and with easy access to low-cost producers, the supply of products – including that of office furniture – has boomed.


And hjh OFFICE has felt the pressure. They realized that they needed to establish themselves in the market and protect their competitive edge. As an Amazon Vendor, they faced a particular challenge because they feel that sellers, in general, have a broader and more flexible array of options available to manage their products on Amazon.


That’s how hjh OFFICE started to wonder: “How can we as a vendor compete effectively in the marketplace?”


The Challenge


It is not easy to drive optimization and react to market changes with a portfolio of several hundred items – doing so costs a lot of time and manual labor. As a result, hjh OFFICE identified the following challenges:


  • Optimizing product listings and paid advertising campaigns for more visibility.
  • Communicating with customers, especially regarding review management.
  • Adding agility to processes to stay ahead of the competition.


In order to manage their reviews better, hjh OFFICE invested in a software solution. But the complicated structure of the interface soon discouraged the team from using it, and the high price point drove the ROI down.


That’s how hjh OFFICE came to Sellics.


The Solution


Running a hybrid strategy as both Seller and Vendor on Amazon, Oliver Fritz, CSO, and Isabel Buchberger, E-Commerce Manager, opted for both Sellics products: Vendor and Seller edition. Whilst Content Creation and Review Management is predominantly done with the Vendor tool, the Seller solution shines in its applicability for paid ad management.


The tool is used on a daily basis, and it is planned to integrate it into more processes in the future. Especially the easy-to-use tools and interface has convinced the team:


The Results


Here is how hjh OFFICE used Sellics to solve their challenges:


  • Challenge: Customer Reviews

    hjh OFFICE was financing a costly review management tool that suffered from poor design and complexity

  • Solution

    hjh OFFICE uses Sellics Review Management tool to quickly respond to questions and reviews

  • Result

    hjh OFFICE saved 25-30% of cost by cutting out a costly tool and manual labor connected to their previous review management efforts


  • Challenge: Amazon Sponsored Ads

    Staying ahead of the competition and become more agile, especially when it comes to paid advertisement on Amazon

  • Solution

    hjh OFFICE uses the Sellics Seller Edition to manage their PPC campaigns, to find the most profitable keywords and automatically adjust bids

  • Result

    By taking advantage of automation in optimizing their ad campaigns, hjh OFFICE is able to meet their desired ACos, save time, and beat their competition


  • Challenge: Amazon Search Visibility

    Optimize product listing for more sales, better ranking, and higher visibility

  • Solution

    hjh OFFICE uses the Sellics Vendor Content & SEO Module to comfortably find keywords and update product listings

  • Result

    By quickly finding the most important keywords, hjh OFFICE not only saved manpower but also ensured that more customers find their product listings

amazon sellics vendor edition seo content monitoring

“The tool is comfortable and easy to use, especially when it comes to content creation. And the best part about this? Both the Vendor and Seller Edition together were more cost-efficient than the single review management solution hjh OFFICE was using before. Sellics offers a better customer experience, both when it comes to using the tool itself and support.”

Isabel Buchberger
E-Commerce Manager
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