FWRD Achieves Target ACoS Goal for Clients

FRWD is no stranger to the obstacles facing Amazon vendors: the digital consultancy helps to develop and implement successful Amazon Ad strategies for vendors.

  • Keyword-level bid automization to adjust campaigns in bulk
  • Time saving of one fulltime employee's workload
  • Overall savings of 8x the investment into Sellics

FRWD is no stranger to the obstacles facing Amazon Vendors: the digital consultancy helps develop and implement strategies for Vendors to increase their Amazon sales using the full portfolio of available paid advertising channels. As experts in the field with vast experience analyzing Amazon data, FRWD faced a number of challenges in applying their expertise due to the extent of the manual input required for each client.


Through working with Sellics Vendor Edition they discovered a complete one-stop-shop tool that let them visually compare results before and after optimization and automate changes to their Sponsored Products campaigns. This breakthrough has saved them a huge workload—and transformed the way they work with AMS.


“The ease of using Sellics to review campaign-performance and optimize keywords and ASINs in Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) campaigns has saved us an enormous amount of time and effort.”- Chad Baures, Director of Search Marketing at FRWD.


Why Sellics?


  • Comprehensive Reporting & Trend Visualization for AMS campaigns
  • Campaign creation & management directly via Sellics interface
  • Automated keyword bid adjustment


Chad Baures is Director of Search Marketing at digital marketing consultancy and agency FRWD. As a Strategic Consultant and Trainer, Chad is an expert at helping Vendors achieve their Amazon sales goals. By creating expansive account and campaign structures across AMS, AMG, AAP, and PDPs and implementing them, FRWD skillfully leads customers from clicks to conversions.


Through a detailed optimization process, FRWD is able to tailor campaigns, establish keyword bids and ASINs to maximize clicks and conversions. Chad also works on coaching and training vendors to run their own optimization and Amazon sales strategies, so he understands just how daunting dealing with Amazon’s Vendor interface can be to newcomers to the marketplace.


The Challenge


For FRWD, adjusting keyword bids in their Sponsored Products campaigns was a hugely time-consuming task, which took an employee several days a week, analyzing tens of thousands of keywords and bids across their various clients’ accounts. Additionally, the limited reporting capabilities of AMS available to effectively measure the outcome made it difficult to act in a timely and precise way.


For example, holiday season presented FRWD’s employees with a problem: they needed an easy way to react to dramatically increased conversion rates by increasing bids across 75-250 Sponsored Product campaigns run for each client, and fast. Not being able to process the huge amount of work this created would mean risking losing these critical sales to competitors.


“Prior to Sellics there was no quick and easy way to compare the metrics that help us understand account health and enable the frequent optimizations necessary to maximize clicks, conversions, and ACoS.”


The Solution


Sellics Vendor Edition has made FRWD more efficient in the way bids are adjusted, and more precise in the way bids and trends can be analyzed and tracked over time. It allows the team to gain quick insight into how changes they make in their optimization affect sales, clicks, and conversion rates.


The real game-changer for Chad’s team, however, has been the automation feature, allowing them to automatically optimize bids at the keyword-level to hit their ACoS goal—and to secure an increased share of impressions during the critical holiday season for each of their clients.


The Results


Across FRWD’s clients, the Sellics software saves one full-time employee’s workload. Today FRWD team-members and clients are using Sellics to improve their Amazon sales across multiple accounts—every day.

“Sellics automates what took us or our clients 10s of hours per week and has saved us resources worth 8x our investment in the solution.”

Chad Baures
Director of Search Marketing
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