Eschenbach Optik Increases Organic Rankings for Entire Product Catalog

There is nothing blurry about Eschenbach Optik’s goal on Amazon — more organic visibility and sales.

  • Boost in organic ranking and gain full control of product listings
  • Better product-market fit based on customer feedback
  • First-class customer service with review management

Starting out in 1913, Eschenbach Optik has conquered the international market of sports optics, glasses and reading aids with a clear vision for innovative design and a dedication to quality materials. In addition to expanding their presence to twelve countries across the globe, Eschenbach Optik moved into the online retail world — and started selling their products on Amazon a little more than 6 years ago.


And since then, a lot has changed for sellers on the e-commerce platform.


The Challenge


There is nothing blurry about Eschenbach’s goal on Amazon: more organic visibility and sales. Tim Sharp, E-Commerce Manager, brings it to the point: “We want to rank first when people search for ‘binoculars’.” And once their products pop up on top, Eschenbach wants customers to recognize them immediately — and we all know how big a deed brand recognition is on Amazon.


The challenge is only getting bigger. Throughout the six years that Eschenbach Optik has been selling on Amazon, the competitive landscape has changed: “We now have to invest considerably more resources to achieve the same results on Amazon.”


The Solution


Eschenbach Optik was recommended Sellics by their external Amazon Content Manager and stayed with the software when they moved operations in-house. The Content&SEO and Review Management modules from the Sellics Vendor Edition have become constant companions of Tim and his colleagues.


Pushing organic visibility and sales with Sellics Content&SEO


The E-Commerce team is managing all of their complete content creation and optimization workflows in the Sellics Content&SEO module. From finding the best backend keywords to spying on competitors to find profitable keywords — the tool offers them all the functionalities they need to develop the best possible content.


“Editing and optimizing content in Sellics has made the process significantly easier and more efficient. Find keywords, add them to the product listing and then monitor the content. We can do everything from the same interface.”


Creating a brand voice with Sellics Review Management


Eschenbach Optik uses the Sellics Review Management tool to communicate with their Amazon customers at eye-level. Being notified about new reviews helps the team keep an overview of customer satisfaction and respond quickly to feedback and questions.


“The combination of optimized content and effective review management enables us to educate and consult our customers online — they can make better buying decisions and match our products to their specific needs.”


The Results


Content Optimization boosts the organic ranking of products across the range


Tim Sharp confirms that Eschenbach Optik has seen an increase in the organic ranking of products due to their ability to optimize product listing content with the Sellics module. And for the team itself, a lot has changed, too.


“Sellics gives us peace of mind. We can be sure that we are in complete control of our product listings. In addition to optimizing our content, we are able to track unauthorized changes. And the best part? It doesn’t cost us any more time, because we can easily manage all these workflows from the Sellics interface.”


Review Management reflects most important brand values — and inspires new and improved product designs


Knowing what customers think about their products has helped Eschenbach Optik in three ways:


  • They reduced their return rate by expertly guiding customers to the best product in answering questions (and, of course, write focused product listings).
  • Customer feedback can be passed on to the product management team to continually improve the functionalities and design of their products to meet demand.
  • The team has a direct and effective way of communicating with their customers to represent their brand values online.

“Our brand is known for great customer service and helping people find exactly what they are looking for. We want to provide the same level of service to our online customers, too. They need to know that there is someone at the other end who takes their reviews seriously. The Sellics Review Management tool enables us to do just that.”

Tim Sharp
E-commerce Manager
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