ERIMA goes from 0 to 100% customer response rate

ERIMA was on the hunt for a powerful Amazon tool that would allow them to respond to negative reviews. Maintaining positive customer relationships and a healthy brand reputation was of the utmost importance, so they turned to Sellics and got impressive results.

  • Fast and impactful customer support and customer relationship management
  • Structured and measurable, data-driven insights for a strong, customer communication strategy
  • Reinvigorated, brand image as a customer-care oriented, sports retailer

In Germany, when you think sports, you think ERIMA. That’s because the brand has been around for nearly 120 years.


The high-quality sportswear retailer has long reigned supreme in supplying Germany (and more recently France, Austria, Belgium, Switzerland and the Netherlands) with athletic clothing, gear and accessories.


To accommodate the needs of athletes and sports teams, they have drastically increased their product line offering in recent years and have exploded onto the Amazon marketplace. ERIMA’s sales on Amazon have skyrocketed and now account for a large percentage of the company’s overall sales.


Due to this growth, ERIMA found themselves in need of an All-in-One Amazon management tool to provide better customer service and brand management.


“We are a sport brand. We don’t usually do anything on a B2B platform. We needed to differentiate ourselves on this platform, handle our customer service and maintain our good brand image.” – Nicole Loeffler, Online Marketplace Manager


The Challenge


ERIMA boasts an impressive 50,000+ ASINs on Amazon but with that kind of product range comes the need for a powerful Amazon management tool. The extensive size of their massive product line caused some challenges.


Most noticeably, customer relationship management suffered. ERIMA found it difficult to keep up direct communication with customers on Amazon. Amazon has no customer relationship management feature in place for vendors, so ERIMA turned to Sellics for help from drowning in their backlog of unanswered customer queries.


Before Sellics, customer reviews and questions would go unanswered for days or weeks at a time, and sometimes not at all. Due to these shortcomings, they felt that their branding and image as a customer-centric retailer was getting lost.


ERIMA came to Sellics looking to get a better handle on their business on Amazon and to solve three key challenges:


  • Respond to all customer queries and manage customer reviews in a timely manner
  • Maintain and enhance their brand image as a customer oriented company
  • Increase the average star ratings of their products and boost the sales of their top-performing articles


The Solution


ERIMA found the perfect customer service management partner in Sellics. As Amazon does not offer any customer communication overview, Sellic’s Chatter module served as an effective tool for tracking all reviews and questions that were coming in. This feature also includes a very helpful alert system which notified ERIMA instantly of any incoming customer feedback.


Before Sellics, they were simply not able to see which products got reviews and questions to answer them and provide satisfactory customer service. Additionally, the review management system of the Chatter module allowed ERIMA to organize their work in an efficient way and track which reviews had already been answered, which ones were in progress, and which ones were new.


The Watchlist feature allowed them to easily follow up with any further customer reactions to their customer service.


These features enabled ERIMA to get a better handle on all of the customer reviews, questions and interactions that needed to be addressed. They did this by:


  • Delegating one customer service representative to be responsible for all incoming customer interactions
  • Setting up alerts and monitoring the status of open tickets through Sellics’ customizable question and review Watchlist feature


“We have so many SKUs – over 50,000. Before we had no tool to help with product management. It was so extremely difficult for us. We were selling every article but it was difficult to get a general overview and see which ones were doing well and which ones were doing poorly. We couldn’t respond or answer to customers fast enough or sometimes not at all. But with Sellics’ tool we can.” – Nicole Loeffler, Online Marketplace Manager


The Results


By harnessing Sellics’ Chatter module, ERIMA was able to achieve their initial goals:


  • Getting control of their Amazon business
  • Delighting their customers
  • Bringing their branding back up to speed


ERIMA can now successfully communicate a good brand image on Amazon because they are able to respond to every, single customer within 24 hours.


Not only did ERIMA achieve these three initial goals, they also saw two unexpected benefits from using Sellics.


First, ERIMA was easily able to make the decision to assign just one team member to the task of managing all of the customer communication that was coming in through their Amazon listings. This meant huge savings in terms of personnel costs.


Another unexpected benefit that Sellics brought to ERIMA’s Amazon business was the ability to provide customer service for international markets as Sellics is able to track all their important markets. Now, ERIMA is able to serve all of its customers, answer questions and address negative reviews across its five markets without a problem.


With the Table Summary found in the Analytics feature of the Chatter module, ERIMA was able to see their reviews count, question count and star rating by country. This data enabled them to prioritize certain products and marketplaces.


With the help of Sellics, ERIMA has been able to expertly and strategically handle all of their customer service needs.

“We sell in many different countries and markets, so it was also difficult to manage our international customer service. Now with Sellics, it’s much easier.” -Nicole Loeffler, Online Marketplace Manager

Nicole Loeffler
Online Marketplace Manager
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