Dentsu Aegis (Optimize) Increases Keyword Coverage by 85%

Optimize, an agency of the Dentsu Aegis Network, successfully developed and executed their Amazon SEO strategy for their clients on Amazon.

  • Keyword Coverage grew from 11% to 79% and peaked at 96%
  • Qualitative insights and suggestions for strategic actions to develop Best Practices
  • Proof of concept regarding the effectiveness of Amazon SEO and optimization strategies with the Sellics software

Optimize, an agency of the Dentsu Aegis Network specializes in driving SEO, Web Analytics, and CRO performance for their clients. Based in Milan, Optimize helps sellers and vendors to implement their strategies and increase sales on With its data-driven approach, the agency helps clients improve their visibility on search engines — of which Amazon is the largest regarding product research.


The Challenge


A pioneer in the Italian market, Optimize is one of the first agencies in the country to design SEO strategies, run campaigns, and optimize content on Amazon. At first, as with every new product or service, Optimize was met with resistance and suspicion. Clients can have difficulties visualizing the benefits of a solution that they haven’t tested before. To help their clients understand the importance of Amazon SEO optimization for increased visibility and sales, Optimize needed proof of concept.


The Solution


Optimize solved this challenge by conducting a keyword optimization campaign with some of their biggest clients. For the plan to succeed, the agency needed a powerful tool that could provide the data and insights to convince its clients that the strategies work. Without such a tool, Optimize would have tried a mix of various software and data — a weak commercial proposition.


They found the perfect partner in Sellics. The all-in-one Vendor Edition suite includes the necessary content and marketing tools which enabled Optimize to gain valuable insights and make data-driven decisions, to improve the performance of its clients’ products on Amazon.


Here’s how they did it:


  • Optimize planned a keyword coverage campaign to prepare its clients for Prime Day 2018.
  • The agency selected ten products for a pilot campaign and focussed on keyword coverage.
  • Optimize’s clients used the Sellics Content & SEO feature for two months to optimize the content of their product listings and monitor their keyword ranking.
  • Optimize provided the finishing touches with some fine-tuning and passed on SEO guidelines to its clients.


The Results


Optimize used the Content & SEO tool in the Sellics Vendor Edition to drive a massively successful keyword campaign. The ability to add and edit content in bulk and to receive alerts about content discrepancies proved to be crucially important features of the software. Here’s what they achieved:


  • Keyword coverage grew from 11% before Prime Day to 79% during Prime Day, with a peak at 96%
  • Product listings covered more than 110 out of 120 relevant keywords
  • All content finally met optimization guidelines
  • Optimize gained qualitative insights into what worked and what didn’t — and was able to give its clients advice and provide them with strategies on how to continue optimizing their content


Importantly, Optimize now has proof of concept. With Sellics, the agency showed its clients an effective SEO strategy that continues to drive their success on Amazon.

“Sellics is the most powerful tool on the market. Our clients are always wow-ed when we show them the results we have achieved using the software!” 

Veronica Benigno
SEO Manager
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