Artway Ltd maintain their ACoS 12.5% consistently below target

Artway successfully faces seasonality with winning bids


Artway started selling on Amazon UK’s marketplace in ~2016 via FBA. They grew so rapidly that they decided to expand to overseas marketplaces. In order to establish their brand, they started utilizing Amazon’s various advertising products, including sponsored products, in order to grow customer sales of their products.


Automated Bid Changes


New keywords discovered


Increase in revenue for the UK market


Increase in revenue for the DE market

Many companies face the issue of daily campaign management while working to optimize and scale their revenue from advertising on Amazon – and Artway was no exception.

Like many others, they also faced a lack of time due to the fact that they were manually managing their keyword and campaign bid optimizations.

To compound this challenge, Artway lacked the employee resources needed to scale their Amazon advertising campaigns, while still maintaining control over the full advertising spend.

After experiencing exponential growth on Amazon, their next biggest challenge was interpreting all of the performance data in order to quickly optimize their campaign bids, as well as discover new, relevant keywords in order to enhance their campaigns’ reach.

They also wanted to make sure that with all this growth, they were able to ensure that their advertising spend was cost efficient.

Artway began using the Sellics software in December 2018. They focused on the PPC rules-based automation to start off with.

Once established with the rules-based optimization functionality, they then realized that they would need to enhance their advertising optimization efforts even more and they began to explore the other advertising optimization solutions Sellics offered that would also help them to lower their ACoS in addition to saving time on PPC management.

Artway then joined Sellics’ Autopilot beta program in late 2019.

Artway’s experience with Autopilot generated early, impressive results:

  1. They were able to utilize Autopilot to completely automate their PPC campaign management, driving increased bid and keyword optimization while maximizing time savings
  2. New, relevant keywords were added to their campaigns daily through automated keyword harvesting, resulting in an increase of relevant traffic and a better CTR
  3. They used Autopilot to monitor their campaigns and dynamic change bids in order to reach their target ACoS
  4. Through a combination of rules-based automation and Autopilot’s AI automation, they were able to successfully face increased competition due to seasonality with winning bids


Sellics Autopilot is a cutting-edge AI-based algorithm for Amazon Advertising optimization, taking into account a combination of keyword clustering, revenue, and sales forecasting, considering seasonality and other factors.

Automated Bidding Complete automation of campaign bids based on: keyword clustering; revenue per click prediction; seasonality analysis; and sales attribution forecasting.

Keyword Harvesting Autopilot includes automated keyword harvesting within your campaigns and ad groups from Auto to Manual and, within manual, from Broad to Exact.

Target ACoS Optimization Optimized for your Target ACoS goals down to an AdGroup level. Let the machine-learning software ensure your profitability goals are met.



Corsham, UK



Sellics Modules

Autopilot Keyword Rules Keyword Harvesting

Artway is a passionate provider of art materials, technical drawing equipment and creative supplies. Based in Corsham, UK, they have over 20 years of experience in supplying high quality art materials at competitive prices, and have a strong focus on sustainability and the environment.
They produce their own art supplies, including a market-leading range of U- made sketchbooks and fully recycled paper products.

Steve Milham

With Autopilot, new relevant keywords have been added on our campaigns daily through keyword harvesting, resulting in an increase of relevant traffic and better CTR.

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