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Amazon PPC Series: Guide to Campaign Setup

In this article we explain how to setup your campaign following our recommended PPC campaign structure. Our recommended approach will also enable Amazon vendors, who may only have very limited time to spend on campaign optimization, to achieve successful results with Amazon PPC.

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Amazon PPC Series: Guide to CPC Optimization

CPC optimization can a very valuable tool to help you achieve your goals with Amazon PPC. Whether you’re looking to maximize sales, profit, or targeting a lower ACoS, by learning to optimize your keyword bids you will be able to exert greater control over your advertising costs on Amazon.

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Guest Post: 5 Ways to Fund Your Holiday Inventory

Q4 has officially begun and the holiday shopping rush is about to kick off! This is by far the most exciting time of the year for Amazon sellers as it offers online retailers the biggest opportunities for growth. Before you put the finishing touches on your Q4 sales strategy, it’s time to think seriously about how you’re going to pay for that extra holiday inventory you need to succeed this season.

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U.S. Sellers: How to Conquer Sales Tax in Q4

As a savvy eCommerce business owner, chances are you are busy putting your processes in place so you can deal with any surprises that the busy holiday season plans to throw at you. One hassle you can easily take care of is sales tax. Just double check these 5 things before Q4 kicks into gear and you should have no sales tax hassles this holiday season.

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Amazon PPC Series: Campaign Budgets Explained

Campaign budgets allow Amazon sellers to assign a cap on how much they want to spend on PPC advertising. In this article we will breakdown how the different campaign budgets work, what you should take into consideration, and how to use the campaign budgets for maximum effect.

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Amazon PPC Keyword Research with Sonar

Amazon Sponsored Product (‘PPC’) ads can only appear when a customer’s search term matches one of the keywords running in your campaign. In this article, we will show you how to use Sonar to find the best PPC keywords for your ads on Amazon.

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