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Vendor Learning Series: Listing Optimization for Search Visibility & Conversion

With the every increasing selection on Amazon, products can easily get lost down the ‘black hole’. Adding a product to the Amazon retail catalog is no longer enough and doesn’t guarantee the product will be visible or convert into a sale. Vendors must do all they can to ensure this doesn’t happen: they want their products to be easily discovered, clicked on and purchased..

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Headline Search Ads (HSA) Campaign Reports now available in Sellics

We’re excited to announce Headline Search Ads (HSA) Campaign Reports are now available in Sellics! Our new HSA Campaign Report will display the campaign and keyword performance for your Headline Search ads. You can now track the KPIs for this ad format: we provide an overview of your spending, sales, ACoS, CTR and other metrics to measure your HSA ad performance.

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Vendor Learning Series: Vendor Central 101

Whilst vendors have all the tools available for them to own and manage their account, the challenge vendors have is devising their own Amazon strategy especially without the guidance from a Vendor Manager or SVS specialist. For those that have a solid understanding of Amazon, it can be a lot easier than those that have a limited understanding of what it means to become a successful vendor on Amazon.

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