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Vendor Webinar: How to use Amazon Retail Analytics (ARA Basic/Premium)

Vendor Webinar: How to use Amazon Retail Analytics (ARA Basic/Premium)
By Felix Kleinhenz in Amazon Vendors Posted

Amazon Retail Analytics provides Vendors with valuable information for operative and strategic decisions. Understanding how to use it is critical, however: it’s easy to lose sight of the important KPIs and metrics in the data jungle of ARA Basic or ARA Premium.

In our webinar (see below) we give a comprehensive overview of how to use Amazon Retail Analytics and how to convert insights into the right decisions. In particular, we also show which ARA reports can be used to answer specific questions.

If you’d rather read than watch the webinar, we’ve included the slides at the bottom of this article.

Content of the webinar:

ARA – Introduction

  • Who needs which data?: Key account managers, marketers, e-commerce analysts & agencies
  • ARA Basic vs. ARA Premium (ARAP): Data availability, costs, etc.

ARA – Deepdive: Data sources for operative and strategic decisions

  • Sales performance
  • Traffic and conversions
  • Rankings and optimization potential
  • Inventory, excess inventory, and forecasts
  • Purchase behavior, cross-selling, and up-selling
  • Sales potential with promotions and AMS
  • Returns

Do you have questions about the webinar? Leave us a comment. We look forward to your feedback!

As promised here are also the webinar slides.

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