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Sonar Amazon Keyword Research Tool (2018 Update)

We’re excited to announce we’ve updated our Sonar keyword & ASIN search functions.

Sonar, our free Amazon keyword research tool, is now updated on a continuous basis. While our Sonar database was previously updated in batches, we’ve switched to a new infrastructure that has enabled us to pull continuous search term data from Amazon.

Find keywords for newly launched Amazon products

This means new Amazon keywords will get picked up by Sonar very quickly, enabling you to find keywords for newly launched products on Amazon. E.g. if there’s a new iPhone model coming out, the relevant keywords for this model will appear in Sonar faster than before.

amazon keyword research tool

Pick up on keyword trends and seasonalities

If you’re selling a seasonable product on Amazon, you will want to know all the trending keywords used by customers who are searching for your product or a product similar to yours.

With our new Sonar update, you can now research keyword trends for your product/niche, and ensure your listings are updated with all the relevant keywords to maximize your seasonal sales.

Full integration with your Seller Edition/Vendor Edition account

research amazon keywords with sellics

With over 52 million Amazon keywords in our Sonar database, you can take advantage of our powerful Amazon keyword database directly in your Sellics account.

Currently available for the Amazon US & DE marketplaces, we will also later roll out the new Sonar database update for our other Amazon marketplaces.

See how the keyword research tool compares to others:

Sellics vs Merchantwords

Sellics vs Helium10

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