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Update — Sellics VE: New Marketplaces + Content Module Improvements

Update — Sellics VE: New Marketplaces + Content Module Improvements
By Konstantin Pannicke in Sellics Feature Updates Amazon Vendors Last updated on

Update Overview:

  • New Marketplaces: Sellics Vendor Edition now also supports the marketplaces Canada, Mexico, and India
  • New in Module Content & SEO #1: Easily upload your listing content to Sellics (Bulk Upload)
  • New in Module Content & SEO #2: The Content Analysis feature now also shows you which of your listings are missing videos and A+ content

New Marketplaces Available!

Start using Sellics VE to optimize your marketplaces Canada, Mexico, and India!

Improvements for Module Content & SEO

#1 Easily Upload Your Listing Content to Sellics (Bulk Upload)

In ‘Manage Products’ you now have the option to upload listing content for your products to Sellics using a bulk upload. Use this to e.g.:

  • Upload your content and finalize and perfect it with Sellics’s optimization features
  • Upload your current version of listing content to Sellics and have the Content Monitoring Feature check automatically for deviations on Amazon

#2 Content Analysis Now Includes Check for A+ Content and Videos

The Content Analysis feature helps you to identify optimization potential among your products. From now on, it will also tell you if your products are missing A+ Content and videos.

Do you have any questions about the new features or suggestions for improvement? Let us know in the comments below, or email us at support@sellics.com. We look forward to your feedback!

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