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Track Changes to Your Amazon Product Listings (Vendor Edition)

Track Changes to Your Amazon Product Listings (Vendor Edition)
By Angela Yuan in Sellics Feature Updates Amazon Vendors Posted

We’re excited to announce the release of our new Content Monitoring feature (Content & SEO) in Sellics Vendor Edition.

You can now easily track all changes made to your product listings, whether initiated by Amazon or 3P sellers.

This is very useful for vendors, as unauthorized listing changes are common on Amazon, and in many cases will lead to incomplete and misleading product pages. Faulty product pages can in turn severely affect your Amazon sales and brand reputation.

Get alerts for new changes to your Amazon listings

With our new Content Monitoring feature, Sellics will automatically inform you when new changes have been made to your:

  • Product title
  • Product description
  • Bullet points
  • Main image
  • Other images
sellics amazon vendor content monitoring

If the changes to your product listing are not desired, you can react faster and use Sellics to quickly restore your product listing to its original state.

tracking amazon product listing changes

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