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Top 3 SEO Quick Wins for Amazon Vendors

Top 3 SEO Quick Wins for Amazon Vendors
By Anna Buchmann in Amazon Vendors Posted

Amazon ranks search results according to two criteria: (1) relevance and (2) likelihood to sell. Optimizing your product listing with relevant keyword and conversion-oriented content, therefore, increases your visibility and your sales.

But Amazon SEO is a daunting task for most Amazon vendors. Optimizing the product title, bullet points and product description for hundreds and thousands of products takes up so much manpower that most vendors refrain from following SEO best practices.

Let’s change that! Our top 3 SEO quick wins for Amazon Vendors help you pick the low-hanging fruits and focus your efforts where you get the highest payoff with the least amount of time investment:

1. Follow the 20/80 rule to get started with Amazon SEO

In the realm of Amazon SEO, small changes can have big impacts. That’s why we urge all Amazon Vendors to follow the 20/80 rule: Pick the 20% of your products that make up 80% of your Amazon revenue and optimize these listings.

You already know that these products perform well on Amazon. Optimizing the product listing by including relevant keywords or even adding A+ content will increase conversion and sales even further. That’s why improvements have an even greater impact on products that already show a substantial sales volume. So for your top products, you can be sure that your time investment into Amazon SEO optimization will pay off.

2. Check that your backend keywords adhere to recent limitations

Amazon has officially confirmed that the backend keyword limit is not 249 bytes. Any product listings that violate this limit are at risk of not being indexed — and as a result, won’t show up in search results.

This is one of the most basic – and crucial – SEO optimization efforts that will have a massive impact on your sales performance on Amazon. In the end, if customers can’t find your products, they can’t buy it.

3. Complete all product information fields to be included in filter results and side navigation

When looking for the best fit in a specific product category, customers often use the additional filters to refine their search. For example, here are some of the filters people can use when looking for a new fridge:

You can add all these product information in the additional product fields for your listing. Failing to do so means missing out a massive sales opportunity, as your product will not show up in the refined search results – even if it has the right specifications. And the good thing is that you won’t have to do extensive keyword research, because you already have all the information at hand!

Ideally, you would have the time and manpower to optimize each of your product listing for Amazon SEO. As most Amazon Vendors struggle with SEO best practices, our top 3 optimization quick wins give you a great starting point to achieve the most results in the shortest amount of time.

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