Which Sellics Amazon Software Edition Should I Use?

Which Sellics Amazon Software Edition Should I Use?
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At Sellics we offer three separate Amazon software platforms for sellers, vendors, and agencies.

When you sell on Amazon, you are either a third-party (3P) seller selling direct-to-consumer, or a vendor (1P) seller selling directly to Amazon as part of their retail program. Depending on your seller profile, you will have different business priorities and data tracking needs on Amazon.

Am I a seller or a vendor on Amazon?

If you’re not sure of your seller profile, simply check the login platform you use to access your Amazon account. Amazon sellers use the Seller Central interface, and Amazon vendors use the Vendor Central interface.

  • 3P / Seller: You sell directly to consumers on the Amazon marketplace via Seller Central.
  • 1P / Vendor : You sell wholesale to Amazon via Vendor Central. Selling via Vendor Central is by invitation only from Amazon.

Which Sellics software package is right for me?

Seller Edition (SE)

Our Seller Edition software is exclusively for Amazon sellers who use the Seller Central interface. Our SE software has all your bases covered when it comes to managing your direct-to-consumer sales on Amazon.

Check out Seller Edition ➞

Vendor Edition (VE)

Our Vendor Edition software is exclusively for Amazon vendors who use the Vendor Central interface. As a vendor, you have different priorities when selling on Amazon (i.e. AMS management, SEO, etc), and we offer the leading Amazon optimization software on the market for vendors.

Check out Vendor Edition ➞

Note: Vendor Express, Amazon Merch and Kindle/Ebook sellers can also use our Vendor Edition software.

Agency Edition (VE)

Our Agency Edition software is exclusively for agencies interested in using Sellics for their Amazon clients. Our agency partners also receive free membership to our Amazon Agency database, which is used by our customers looking for agency assistance for their Amazon business.

Check out Agency Edition ➞

Please contact us at support@sellics.com if you’re not sure which Sellics software edition you should signup for.

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Muhammad Rixwan

Does this app support amazon uae


Hi Muhammad, not yet I’m afraid

Andrea Guidetti

hy if i have a seller account e vendor account i have to do two accounts or i can only do one


Great question, Andrea. There are a few different ways of going about this. We suggest getting in touch with our sales department so that they can find the right solution for you: https://sellics.com/vendor-edition/#form

Brian Groves

If I am an affiliate with Amazon, I believe that makes me a seller, but I am not really sure.


Hi Brian, Sellics software is designed for Amazon merchants who are either using Seller or Vendor Central.

Ravi Hullurappa

Does this app support amazon India?


We do, Ravi!

Rose Ngugi

Am a new affiliate marketer here can I get my link to send clients here


Hi Rose,

You’ll find information about our affiliate program here: https://sellics.com/affiliate-program/


Does the mobile app support Vendor Central integration or is it only for Seller Central?


Hi! It is only for Seller Central.