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PPC on Steroids — Sellics Breaks the Speed Record

PPC on Steroids — Sellics Breaks the Speed Record
By Robin Hanna in Sellics Feature Updates Last updated on

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If you’re on board, you might notice the PPC dashboard and cockpit widget are loading very fast!

Why supercharge the PPC manager?

PPC requires analytics and automation on huge amounts of data in real time. As your business grew on Amazon, so did the amount of processed data. For some customers, this data reached a magnitude of more than a billion entries. An impressive number — and a growing performance issue.

Being able to manage and automate Amazon PPC campaigns with Sellics is one of our most popular features, and an increase in speed was an improvement many of our valued customers were yearning for.

We’re happy to say: The time has come! From now on, you have the familiar control of your Amazon adverts — at 10x the speed.

We worked tirelessly to find the best solution, and have revamped our architecture from the ground up. You’ll notice the difference on the first click!

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