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Sellics Joins The Amazon Marketplace Developer Council

Sellics Joins The Amazon Marketplace Developer Council
By Angela Yuan in Sellics Feature Updates Last updated on

We’re excited to announce Sellics is an official member of the Amazon Marketplace Developer Council. Newly formed by Amazon, the Developer Council consists of third-party software providers that make extensive use of the Amazon marketplace APIs.

At Sellics we understand very well the various pain points businesses experience with selling on Amazon, and this will allow us to provide Amazon with direct feedback on their roadmap and priorities for the future development of Amazon marketplace APIs.

“We’re very humbled to have been asked to join the Developer Council and look forward to sharing our feedback with the Amazon MWS team,” said Franz Jordan, CEO of Sellics. “We’re excited that Amazon is committed to working with third-party developers to help businesses painlessly manage their Amazon operations using software such as Sellics.”



By creating an open communication channel with third party developers, Amazon is showing it’s commitment to advancing the best marketplace technology available to help businesses of all sizes succeed on Amazon.

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