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Sellics Goes Global: No More Credit Limits

Sellics Goes Global: No More Credit Limits
By Franz Jordan in Sellics Feature Updates Last updated on

Since we founded Sellics in 2014, we’ve always had one clear goal- to help our customers achieve maximum success on Amazon. From a simple keyword ranking tracker, we’ve steadily added new features to develop the leading All-in-One software solution for Amazon sellers we’re extremely proud of today.

To start off 2018 with a bang, we’re excited to announce a few major developments that we’ve had in the works over the past few months:

Sellics Goes Global: Use your account on 9 Amazon marketplaces

You can now use Sellics to manage your Amazon accounts in any country; easily toggle between the marketplaces via our country flags. We’ve made it easy for you to research keywords in foreign languages, localize your product listings, evaluate your sales in their respective currencies, and tailor and optimize your PPC campaigns for each Amazon marketplace. 

No More Credit Limits:

We have abolished account credits, and in the process have removed many limits to your account that were previously in place. Users now have access to unlimited product monitoring, unlimited keyword monitoring, and the ability to track individual child ASINs in our Product Spy tool.

Unlimited Product Monitoring

All your products on Amazon will now be automatically monitored for you. Previously you were limited by the amount of products you could monitor based on your account plan, and the number of credits you purchased.

We decided to make it free for sellers to monitor ALL their products for free, and you will no longer need to manually select your own products to be monitored in Sellics. Your BSR, price, and product reviews will be updated automatically every day for you.

Unlimited Keyword Monitoring

You can now research and monitor unlimited keywords in Sellics. From this unlimited keyword list, you can then ‘activate’ all your short tail keywords (i.e. top ranking keywords) you wish to monitor for your product.

We made this decision because we understand the value of having an unlimited keyword list for product listing optimization purposes. Now you can easily select relevant keywords from your keyword list you wish to add to your Seller Central backend.


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