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Product Update: New Keyword Control Features in Amazon PPC Manager

Product Update: New Keyword Control Features in Amazon PPC Manager
By Angela Yuan in Amazon Advertising & PPC Sellics Feature Updates Last updated on

We’re excited to announce you can now view all the customer search terms that appear for each keyword running in your PPC campaign.

  • Click on any keyword in your ad campaign and instantly see the list of search terms generated by that keyword.

With the example below, you can see that for the Broad keyword ‘garlic press’, you can now view the 345 customer search terms Amazon has matched to that specific keyword. If you wish to see more search terms for your keyword, simply select a longer time frame in your PPC Dashboard. This is extremely useful for sellers looking for new search terms to bid on, which you can immediately add to any Campaign or Ad Group using your PPC Manager.

  • View the performance of an individual keyword over time (i.e. track the effect of your bid adjustments.)

A huge challenge for Amazon sellers is the ability to track the effect of bid adjustments on their keyword performance. I.e. did the performance of your keyword improve once you increased/lowered your bid price? 

In your PPC Dashboard, you can now view the performance of your keywords in your Trend Chart, allowing you to track the effect of your bid adjustments on your keyword. We also display your KPIs on the keyword level; you can see in real time the revenue, cost, ACoS, etc of each individual keyword.

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New keyword control features

We’re happy to announce the recent search term control features integrated into our PPC Manager are also live on the keyword level. You now have the ability to:

  • Copy and paste keywords to other Ad Groups
  • Select keywords to add to your Negative Keyword list
  • Change Keyword Status in bulk
  • See Campaigns & Ad Groups per keyword in Aggregated Keywords Tab

Smart Filters

If you are new to Amazon PPC, we recommend taking advantage of our Smart Filters to help you find the keywords you should increase/lower bids on, and to help you remove unprofitable keywords that continue to generate clicks without conversion. Our Smart Filters will sort keywords by predefined criterias such as unprofitable/profitable keywords, keywords with impression potential, and keywords with no impressions.


Don’t forget you also have the ability to identify and remove unprofitable keywords (click ‘add to Negative’ in your PPC Dashboard) that are driving clicks without conversions for your product.

Log in to your Sellics account to try out the new features, or create a free trial account today.

Do you have any questions or suggestions for improvement? Let us know in the comments below, or email us at: We look forward to receiving your feedback!

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